Cast and Crew

Alex Dorman (Cherm Brentside / Citizen #2 / Cray / Dr. Aurelius / Guard #1 / Old Man #1 / Uncle) / Facebook

Alex Dorman comes straight from the mean streets of Newport Beach, CA. He has been acting in theater, film, and voiceovers for many years. He is grateful for the chance to work on this production with such a talented group of people.

Alyssa Cartwright [Atala (TKC: Part I)]
Alyssa Cartwright is a commercial actor in Los Angeles and is so thrilled to be a part of this amazing project!
Love, love, love The Hunger Games!

Angel Triggs (Glimmer Vixel)
Angel Triggs plays Glimmer.  She was very excited and proud to be a part of The Katniss Chronicles, and then she was horribly murdered by biologically enhanced hornets.  Which was awesome.

Angela Berliner (Dining Staff #1 / Glisten Rane / Leeg #1 / Linia Moton / Nurse / Posy Hawthorne / Rue Reynard)
Angela Berliner is a writer in Los Angeles. She is happy to be back voice-acting for The Katniss Chronicles.

Barbra Dillon (Katniss Everdeen / Executive Producer)
Barbra Dillon is honored to be lending her voice to Katniss in The Katniss Chronicles.  She extends her immense thanks to Rebecca Lear and all of the Book Club gals for introducing her to the coolest female character in modern literature. Barbra also wishes to thank the entire cast and crew of TKC for their endless effort and hard work on the project.

Beau Beigel [Cinna (Child), Children]

Brian McGackin (
65th Hunger Games Tribute #2 / Bristol / Byron Fleece / Capitol Man / District 11 PK / Monitor #2 / Peacekeeper #2 / Willem)
Brian McGackin is the author of Broetry (Quirk Books, 2011), a collection of "poetry for dudes." He also co-hosts the Books & S--t podcast with fellow TKC-er Sam Rhodes, and every Tuesday he contributes poetry to

Briana English (Primrose Everdeen)

Briana English is an LA-based actress from Marion, Iowa.  She is excited to voice the lovely Prim in The Katniss Chronicles.  She loved The Hunger Games and is honored to be a part of a project that will help the excitement live on with the fans!

Bruce Adel (Mayor Undersee)

A California native, Bruce has been acting for more than 20 years now.  He graduated from LACC Theatre Academy in 2005 and has gone on to star in more than a dozen feature and short films, in addition to his many theatre credits.

Bryant Dillon (Peeta Mellark / Muttation / Stealth Pilot / Staff Writer / Executive Producer)

Bryant Dillon holds a B.F.A. in Acting from Point Park University and has performed previously on both stage and film. He is proud to be returning to The Katniss Chronicles for Part II and extends all of his thanks to the cast, crew, and fans for making this fantastic project possible. Bryant is also a huge Hunger Games geek and is probably baking some bread right now.

Chelsey Shannon (Johanna Mason / Tacita Chells)
Chelsey lives in the Big Apple, where she has performed in the city and toured regionally for the past 7 years. She is currently the Co-Founder and Co-Director of The New York Children's Theater Festival.  Thanks for this opportunity Sam, Barb, and Bryant!

Chloe White (Sage)

Chris Spicer (District 4 PK / Father / Peacekeeper / Plutarch Heavensbee / SD Guard #4)
Chris Spicer is a voice actor in The Katniss Chronicles.  Chris was very involved in theater in high school and college before becoming a high school English teacher and wrestling coach for ten years.  He has been pursuing acting in Los Angeles for five years.

Christopher Warren [Gale Hawthorne (TKC: Part I)]
Christopher is happy to be a part of storytelling in any form, and appreciates the chance to contribute to this ear candy for the "hungry" fans of this fascinating, gripping tale.  Thanks to Paul Pakler for introducing me to the good people of TKC!

Christina Brookman (Delly Cartwright / Lemon Girl)
Christina Brookman has a B.F.A. in acting from Point Park University. Her blog, "Return to Sender," highlights a different individual each month who has been discarded by society - be it in a nursing home, women's shelter, or teens' home. Christina is also a playwright focusing on disability awareness and advocacy.

Corey Landis (Boggs / Mr. Everdeen / Romulus Thread / Tax / Tech Director)
Corey Landis is an actor, musician, and filmmaker. You hated him in Dinocroc vs. Supergator and will loath him in Dracula Reborn. He is allergic to chromic catgut sutures.

Corey Rieger (Cinna)
Corey Rieger is an actor and writer based in Los Angeles.  He has performed on numerous stages in numerous places, as well as in film and television.  He is originally from Pittsburgh, PA.

Darrel Cherney [Bett Botlee (TKC: Part I)]
Darrel Cherney is the voice of Bett Botlee in The Katniss Chronicles: Part I. He is an actor living in Los Angeles and a recently turned fanatic of The Hunger Games book series. This is his first time colour commentating a teenage death match.

Dave Droxler [Gale Hawthorne (TKC: Parts II and III) / Otho Drox]

Dave is a New York-based actor, writer, filmmaker, illustrator, and clown. Thanks to Barb, Bryant, and Sam for letting me play with them, and love to Chelsey and Mabel. Learn more at

David Thorne (Kid, Little Boy, Children)

Domenick Dicce (65th Hunger Games Tribute #4 / District 2 Pilot / District 8 PK #2 / Fire Trainer / Gloss Maze / Rescuer #3 / Thom / Wounded Miner)
Domenick Dicce is excited to be working on The Katniss Chronicles. He has worked a lot in film and theater and is looking forward to the opportunity to stretch his creative muscles in the voiceover world. Always in the creative flow, he likes to create sketches for his YouTube channel, DomMovie

Doug Bass (Camo Trainer / Fasto / Medic #1 / Scared Peacekeeper / Surgeon)

Doug performs improv and sketch comedy at various LA venues such as The Groundlings, UCB, and IO West. His TV pilot, unLEASHED, is an official selection at this year's Los Angeles Comedy Festival.

Drew Siragusa (65th Hunger Games Tribute #3 / Darius / SD Guard #3 / Sheen Fooster /Vick Hawthorne)
Drew Siragusa dabbles in acting from time to time.  The Katniss Chronicles is one of those times, and he is glad to be a part of such a wonderful project.

Dustin Saied (Thresh Andersun)
Dustin Saied is an actor of stage and film and is very excited to be lending his voice in his first audio drama.

Floyd (Buttercup)

Gary Saderup (Claudius Templesmith)
Gary has played Othello, Macbeth, and many other roles.  He is currently appearing in the new film, Douglas MacArthur: Return to Corregidor, as the title character, as well as Lincoln in Lincoln: The One Man Show.

Genevieve Levin (Enobaria Fine / Jackson / Marcy Groppa / Octavia / Seeder Hennessey / Twill)

Originally from Chicago, Genevieve is an actress, voiceover artist, and a great fan of The Hunger Games. She's also a big fan of Part I of The Katniss Chronicles and very much excited to be a part of the making of Part II! You can find more of her work online at

Greg Crafts (District 13 Doctor #3 / Interrogator / Rescuer #2 / SD Guard #1 / Supply Clerk)
@gregory_crafts / / /
Gregory Crafts is an actor, a published playwright, and a theatrical producer residing in the NoHo Arts District. A card-carrying member of SAG-AFTRA, the Dramatists Guild, the Theatrical Producers League of Los Angeles, and the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights, Greg is a man of many talents. He is thrilled to bring his passion to The Katniss Chronicles. For more information about Greg and his work, check out

Hermela Aregawi (Clove Garris)

Hermela Aregawi is the voice of Clove Garris.  She is excited to be a part of this unique project with such a talented group of people.

Hillary Rosen [Mrs. Mellark / Octavia (TKC: Part I)]
Hillary Rosen is the owner of Los Angeles Dog Company. The Hunger Games was not the typical book she would pick up and read, but, after her Mom's persistent urging, she grabbed a copy. Within a week, she had read all 3 books and had everyone she knew reading them, as well.

Jamie Wozny (Foxface - aka Koralina Koates / Zuzu Agaga)
Jamie Wozny is excited to be playing Foxface and Zuzu Agaga. Her mom, a librarian and avid Hunger Games fan, is even more excited! She's proud to be a part of such a fun project.

Jason Enright (Old Man / Pilot / Pollux Troy / SD Guard #6)
Jason Enright is man who wears many hats. A marketing director by day, an independent comic creator by night. He is also a husband, a podcast host, an actor, and now, apparently, a pilot, an old man, and an Avox camera man.

Jeffrey Bridges (Armory Guard / Dalton / Guard #3 / Monitor #3)
@jeffreybridges / /
Jeffrey is the founder and executive producer of Pendant Productions, an audio drama production company that has recently topped 30 million podcast hits and 8 million episode downloads. You can hear some of his work in "Umket Industries Presents: The Dixie Stenberg and Brassy Battalion Adventure Theater," "The Kingery," "Henderson & Havner," and several episodes of the anthology show "Seminar." He and his lovely wife Susan are a happily married writing team, and yes, that is a real thing that exists.

Jessica Maxwell (Citizen #3 / Doctor #2 / Hazelle Hawthorne)
Jessica has no professional acting training or aspirations and is just excited to be here. She lives with her wife in Los Angeles. She likes to jog, eat food that has an egg on top, and pet dogs.

Jessyca Thompkins-Morgan (Bonnie)
Jessyca is studying nursing at Cedar Crest College in Allentown. She has been performing in chorus concerts since third grade and studied voice since tenth grade.

Jody Houser (SD Guard #5 / Woman / York)

John Bring (Coin's Lackey #1 / Drill Sergeant / Mitchell / Peacekeeper #1)
@the_john_bring /

John Bring is a writer and artist in the Southern California area. He is co-writer/artist of the comic book Penguins vs. Possums, as well as a writer for Pocket Gem's Episode app on the iPhone. He also loves his wife and his cat.

Josh Rubinstein (Cabbal Tone / Guard #4 / Muttation / Trainee / Wounded Peacekeeper)
@joshrubinstein / @TORnBookClub /

Josh is the lead DVD/Blu-ray author for CBS Digital and has worked on such titles as Hawaii Five-0, Under the Dome, and Star Trek: The Next Generation. He is also the producer and host of the web show TORn Book Club for Josh is thrilled to be returning to Panem for the final installment of The Katniss Chronicles.

Justin Robinson (Messalla / Monitor #1)
@JustinSRobinson /
Justin is the author responsible for MR BLANK and CITY OF DEVILS and would appreciate you not holding that against him.

Kari Lane (Annie Cresta / Fashion Expert #1 / Fredina Curr / Maysilee Donner)
Kari is a SoCal native and currently resides in Los Angeles where she works as a freelance actor/filmmaker/writer. She blazed threw The Hunger Games trilogy while on set and is thrilled to be part of this project!

Karuna Tanahashi (Fulvia Cardew / Rebel Leader / SD Guard #2) /
Karuna Tanahashi is an actress, filmmaker, and Renaissance woman. She spends her free time learning pole tricks, writing love songs about characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and dancing around with objects that are on fire. She is honored to be part of this amazing cast and crew.

Katie Keene (Commander Lyme / Leeg #2 / Madge Undersee / Nurse)
Katie Keene is a Los Angeles-based actress. Originally from Kentucky, Katie has been working on numerous feature films, shorts, and web series. She is thrilled to make her voice-over debut with The Katniss Chronicles.

Kelly Misek, Jr. (65th HG Tribute #1 / Attendant / Camera Crew / District 13 Doctor #2 / Metlin / Photographer / Ridley Titus / Rory Hawthorne / Young Man #2)
Kelly is so honored to be working on this project and with so many talented people. He has a B.F.A. in Classical Theatre and Film. Most known for his role as a series-regular on the show The League of Ordinary Gamers.

Kimberly Leemans (Antonia / Cashmere Maze / Fishing Trainer / Whip Trinton)
Facebook / Instagram: Kleemans
From America's Next Top Model to international commercials and campaign ads, Kimberly is very excited to be diving into a new direction and lending her voice to The Katniss Chronicles. A fan of the trilogy, she can't wait to bring these characters' voices to life.

Kirt Kingzett (Mr. Mellark)
Kirt Kingzett plays the role of Mr. Mellark. He's happy to be working on The Katniss Chronicles.  He's wanted to perform The Hunger Games since the first time he read it.  He's looking forward to The Hunger Games feature and Xbox 360!

Krista Meadows [Leevy / Magenta Woman (a.k.a. Kristi Chestine) / Rebel Medic #2 / SD Guard / Soldier #1]

Krista Meadows is an actress/singer/songwriter originally from California's Capitol city, Sacramento. She prefers Arnold the Terminator over Mayor Schwarzenegger. She is thrilled to be a part of The Katniss Chronicles!

Lauren Rock (Candi Crassus / Cecilia Prout / Cloth Seller / Comm. Guard / Domita / Fashion Expert #3 / Young Woman #2)
Lauren Rock likes both telling and listening to stories. She is a voiceover artist, a singer, an actress, and knows how to clog dance (and she'll show you, if you ask nicely).

Lorelei Osuna (Children)

Lindsay Calhoon Bring (Cressida Cullen / Old Woman)
Lindsay Calhoon Bring is thrilled to be joining the cast of The Katniss Chronicles. She is passionate about comedy, improvisation, theatre, and writing and is looking forward to voice acting, a new experience for her.

Michael Luckerman (Beetee Gibbons / Caesar Flickerman / Jayright Enson / Old Man #2)
Michael is an actor and an avid science fiction/fantasy reader, and he is very happy to be lending his talents to The Katniss Chronicles. Look for him at Laurel Canyon Dog Park, where he re-enacts several arena scenes from the books daily - using dogs.

Mischa Hester (Fire Starter)

Ngozi Anyanwu (Commander Paylor / District 13 Nurse / Peacekeeper Sergeant / SD Guard #7 / Young WOman #3)

Noah Beigel (Children)

Patrick Henry (Camera Man / Citizen #1 / Orderly)
Patrick is a crazy fanboy for so many things. He is blessed to be a part of this project and hopes to one day make a project this cool himself. He also loves Bamboo Forest, the best Chinese in the Valley.

Patrick Scott Lewis (Haymitch Abernathy)
Patrick is happy to be a part of The Katniss Chronicles playing Haymitch.  He'll have to draw on past experience to play the drunken former Hunger Games champion.  Thanks to Sam, Bryant, and everyone else who's making this possible.

Paul Pakler (Finnick Odair / Knot Trainer / Reporter #1 / Spokesperson / Dialect Coach / Creator of Capitol Dialect / NYC Director)
Paul is an actor, writer, folk-singer, Drunken Live-Tweeter, and award-winning Beatles trivia expert. He lives in New York as is his wont. Paul recorded Finnick while wearing sexy stubble and little else. Finally, Paul is very excited and proud to work once again on The Katniss Chronicles.

Phillip Kelly [Castor Troy / Doctor #1 (Part III) / Peacekeeper Squadron Leader Frazee Parkus / Squad Leader / Tech Control #1]
@PhillipakaBuddy /
He is known for performing alt-vaudeville in comedy clubs across LA as one half of the popular Mr. Snapper and Mr. Buddy. When applicable, he acts, writes, directs, and produces films, commercials, live theatre, stand up comedy, sketch comedy, comic books (Identity Comics), and much more.

Ray Holdridge II (Capitol Citizen #2 / Career #1 / Creed / DB Luggins / District 8 PK 1 / District 13 Doctor #1 / Handrew Christos / Light Crew / Officer Davin / Rebel Medic #1 / Soldier #2)
Ray has wanted to be in movies since watching the Millennium Falcon fly out of the second Death Star in Return of the Jedi when he was eight years old. Since then, Ray has voiced for many commercials, radio shows, and short films, including Only the Smart Survive, which was featured at the No Budget Film Festival last year.

Rebecca Lear (Bekanne Lear / Pavalene / Muttation / Producer / Executive Producer / Photographer)
Rebecca Lear is the producer of The Katniss Chronicles. She will always remember the very first time she read The Hunger Games, and simply had to get everyone she knew to read it. She is thrilled to be working on this project with so many fellow Mockingjays!

Ren Hanami (Capitol Citizen #3 / Mags Blanchard / Officer Geld / President Coin / Wiress Zurn)
@RenHanami and @NinjaMomMovie
Ren is a beach girl at heart, having grown up in Huntington Beach predominantly influenced by the Japanese/Hawaiian side of her family. She is an accomplished actress, singer, and dancer appearing in numerous prime time TV series, as well as big budget films and prestigious regional stage productions. Ren is the longtime spokesperson for AAA Hawaii and is excited to be developing her own film, NINJA MOM, which she will star in alongside Noah Wyle, as well as being a part of The Katniss Chronicles.

Robert J. Peterson [Bett Botlee (TKC: Parts II and III) / Seneca Crane]
@robertjpeterson /
Robert is a novelist and web designer in Los Angeles. He provided logo and web design services for The Katniss Chronicles. He's also the author of the sci-fi novel The Odds.

Ruth Gamble [Atala (TKC: Part II) / Doctor #1 / Effie Trinket / Purnia / Rebel Insider)
Ruth Gamble had a big, big, BIG, fun time playing Effie Trinket. She wants to thank Sam, Barb, Bryant, and Rebecca for all of their hard work and for including her on this super cool project! To learn more about Ruth, visit her blog,, and

Sam Rhodes (Announcer / Capitol Citizen #1 / Crew Member /  District 13 Clock / Doctor / Doctor #3 / Greasy Sae / Guard #2 / Guest / Holo / Jayce Meshko/ Muttation / President's Aide / Voice of the Capitol / Director / Staff Writer / Editor / Executive Producer)
Sam Rhodes is an actor/director/writer living in Los Angeles.  He wishes he was half as cool as Katniss Everdeen.

Sebastian Kadlecik (Brutus Walker / Coin's Lackey #2 / Homes / Rescuer #1)
@pvpcomic /
Sebastian is an actor/artist from the Bay Area. He is also the creator of Penguins vs. Possums. You can find out more about this epic story of Armageddon at

Shane Portman (President Snow / Doctor #2)
Shane wishes to thank Sam, Barbra, Bryant, and Rebecca for the opportunity to play someone as evil as President Snow. Shane is a writer/performer who just published his first book of short stories called Allister Cromley's Fairweather Belle (Bedtime Stories for Grownups to Tell), along with a corresponding podcast of audio stories. More information on both can be found at

Shannon Cabeen [Voice of the Opening and Closing Credits (TKC: Part II)]

Shannon was born and raised in LA. She is a musician, a nerdy cake maker, and a Katniss Chronicles fan!

Shaun Michael Chilton (Cato Rikerman)
Shaun Michael Chilton is doing the voice work for Cato and is honored to be working on the project. Coming from the beautiful Northwest state of Idaho, Shaun has loved the creative opportunities brought forth from the entertainment biz of LA. Shaun is grateful to be working with the other wonderful creatives who are making The Hunger Games come alive and is looking forward to filling the shoes of the juggernaut known as Cato.

Sofia Osuna (Children, Hannah, Posy Hawthorne)

Stephanie Cervantes (Mrs. Everdeen / SD Guard #8 / Venia)
@sstar8445 /
Stephanie is excited to lend her voice to such a wonderful project. She caught on a bit late to The Hunger Games, but now can't get enough of the action.

Steve Trzaska (Flavius)
Steve is excited to continue working on such an amazing project like The Katniss Chronicles! Happy 2013, everyone!

Summera Howell (Arya Siessler / Fashion Expert #2 / Gamemaker / Tech Control #2 / Tigris / Young Woman #1)
Summera Howell, recent narrator of the Harlequin novel The Rule Breaker, is excited to continue her burgeoning voiceover career by being a part of The Katniss Chronicles. You can also see her in her short film Only the Smart Survive, which is currently making the festival circuit. You can soon catch her kicking some serious butt in an as yet untitled sci-fi action film shooting this March. Failing that, you can watch her on her webseries, Real Life AutoCorrect.

Tess Hunt (Portia / Juni Paloozi)
I'm an actress, voiceover artist, writer, and pilates instructor. I went to UC Santa Cruz, studied at the Alliance Francaise in Paris, and now live in Los Angeles with my dog, Bonnie, and I love you.

Thomas Nyman (Crippled Boy - aka Robjay Petersen)
Born in PA, Thomas fell in love with the theater in high school and has pursued it ever since. He went to Point Park College and, in January of 2007, moved to Los Angeles to attend AMDA la (The American Musical and Dramatic Academy), where he finished his training and began auditioning and "working" as an actor.  He hopes to inspire those around him to do things for the love of the project... not the money.

Tony Caballero (Chaff Thompsun /Dr. Quinticus Lark / Guard / Muttation / Soldier #3 / Head Writer / Executive Producer)
A working screenwriter, Tony Caballero is proud to be an executive producer and head writer on The Katniss Chronicles. A graduate of Chapman University and UCLA, he is currently working on a graphic novel and is pleased to be giving Gary Ross some competition at last. Follow his writing adventures at

Will Weldon (Marvel Saffron)
Will Weldon is an actor who is incredibly irritated by the sound of his own voice.  This makes him an interesting choice to play the role of Marvel, the character who ends up winning The Hunger Games... OR DOES HE?!

Additional Credits

The Katniss Chronicles Logo and Web Design by: Robert J. Peterson (


Music of Panem: Beginning of the Rebellion - Part One Score Composed by: Sam Cushion


"Rue's Lullaby" composed by: Scott Emerson of Heart of Gold